InLineEditor demo

This page is completely built with InPlaceEditor.
Using Bootstrap initializr template and theme is built with

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Use click to edit text & double click to edit HTML

If you found bugs please submit it here

This page is 99% editable!

Use click to edit text & double click to edit HTML

If you found bugs please submit it here
Installation instructions at GitHub

What is the InlineEditor?

InPlace editor is a simple editor for static pages that you can use in your browser. And the best of all the changes you do you can save to your server. The built in security lets to do the changes to you Home Page in seconds. Just login and start editing!

Usage example

getting html5 boilerplate bootstrap template

git clone cd initializr-bootstrap

getting inplace editor

git clone

cp -r inplaceeditor/* .

rm -rf inplaceeditor

add inplaceeditor to index.html template before

PHP instructions

just edit js/inplaceeditor.js and change

var SERVER = 'NODE'; to var SERVER = 'PHP';

Change admin name and password in

private static $ADMIN_USER = 'admin';
private static $ADMIN_PASSWORD = 'secret';
private static $INSTALLATION_BASEPATH = 'http://localhost/';

Node.js instructions

before starting the server node.js dependencies (conect & express) shold be installed

npm i

now local server can be started

node server.js

navigate to http://localhost:3000

You can edit the entire HTML page now!

Support developers

Thank you!

Servers supported

  • PHP
  • Node.js

Open source

  • Open Source
  • GitHub


  • Simple & Intuitive in use
  • Quick installation
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Embeded HTML editor
  • Save direct to the web server
  • Build in security
  • Supports PHP & Node.js servers
  • No more complex deploys
  • See what you change

Who use it?

DasApp.Net- hosting for mobile app landing pages. Lets create and host app promo web site. The created web site is editable using inPlace Editor